Friday, February 21, 2014

Walton's spiral

11 ft from floor to floor with 3/4 rotation then opened up to regular stairs. All pieces made in house with 4 1/2 inch round bar twisted to make handrail top. Then 3/4 inch flat bar for horizontal bars. Had to match up with lower stairs that are 36 inches wide for code so being limited on space I made the treads gradually get larger as you go down from 28 inches to 32 1/2 inches to meet up with lower ones. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bird Bath

Bird bath made from 1/2 inch round to hold copper plates.

Burgher railing

Hand twisted 4-5/8 round bars for the hand railing with hammered bars and hammered rivets.

Rivers of recovery project

We built staircase and railings for Disabled vets facility in Wellsville.

Cat sculpture

Large Cat piece for the cat shelter in Poncha Springs.

Leaf samples

Hand forging some leaves from round stock.

Lau's Spiral

Handmade spiral custom made treads and Hand twisted rope for the handrail top.